“There for Clare” was established to help Clare Waites and her family fight a rare and aggressive cancer.

Devastatingly on November 9th 2018, Clare lost her battle with cancer. “There for Clare” lives on to support Clare through supporting her surviving family and to raise awareness of NETs cancers.

You can make a donation directly to Clare’s family here.

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Clare is a married, hard working mum to Angus and Sophie, step mum to Levi and Kasey, devoted wife of Glenn, a loving daughter, sister and friend. Her health quickly declined in early January and on 30th January 2018 she was diagnosed with stage 3 neuroendocrine small cell cancer. It is a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. She began chemo the very next day. Clare endured 17 days of chemo, 25 of external radiation and 4 of internal radiation.

The doctors were hopeful of a complete recovery from this treatment but in early August Clare and the family received the devastating news that the cancer had spread and there are no curative treatments available.

In late August Clare was accepted into a ThincRare immunotherapy trial, however the secondary cancer, now in her liver, failed to respond.

On November 9th 2018, with her husband Glenn by her side, holding her hand and talking to her about all the wonderful things they had done, Clare passed away. 

The donated monies go towards helping Clare’s family adjust to life after Clare, associated memorial costs, outstanding medical costs and helping the family cover childcare and living expenses.