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I Like Our Front Door, Which Discrete Security Door Will Allow My Front Door to Still be Seen?

I Like Our Front Door, Which Discrete Security Door Will Allow My Front Door to Still be Seen?

So, you love the façade of your home with its painstakingly chosen front door and you’re worried that installing a security door will return the aesthetic appeal of your home and cover up your front door? The decision to install a security door is a bit of a no-brainer. Robberies are becoming increasingly common across Australia and security doors and screens have been tested to ensure they are effective against forced break-in attempts. But you just can’t bring yourself to install a security door because it will cover up your beautiful front door and ruin the façade of your home…won’t it?

I Want to Answer My Door Without Being Seen From the Outside, What Door Should I Choose

For many customers, the decision to install a security door is made after their house is already built, rather than during the building process. This means that decisions about the style and design of their home have already been carefully made, and when it comes to choosing a security door what is wanted is a door that is effective as a safety feature, but subtle from a design point of view so that you can still see your front door and don’t feel like you’re looking at Fort Knox.

The good news is that it’s possible to keep the visual appeal of your front door and still install a security door to protect your home! Jim’s Security Doors offers several security door products that will improve your home security without changing the appearance of your entranceway. Home security doesn’t need to make your home look like a fortress, and many doors are discreet yet effective in preventing your home from becoming the target of a break-in. The best security Doors Melbourne. Get a free quote now.

So, what should you look for in a security door?

Australian burglary statistics show that 20% of Australian homes will get broken into at some point. Most thieves enter via the front door and 75% of burglars take less than five minutes to gain access to the property they are robbing. Burglars like an easy target and security doors have been shown to be an effective deterrent, so it is definitely worth considering installing a security door to protect your home, treasured possessions, and loved ones.

The three main thing customers typically look for in a security door are:

  • Will this door be able to protect my home?
  • Will this door suit my home’s design?
  • Durability/Quality. Will this door last the test of time and heavy usage?

Jim’s Security Doors has an extensive range of high-quality products. Each door is custom made in a Melbourne factory and we have a range of designs to suit every home.

Look for a security door that has passed the Australian Standards tests to ensure durability and strength

When exploring security door options, it’s crucial that the door you choose is compliant with the strict Australian Standards requirements and is properly installed by a skilled expert. An incorrectly installed door can be vulnerable to break-ins, so it’s always best to engage a professional (Jim’s Security Doors offers licensed installation, click here to book in a service). In order to comply with the Australian Standards guidelines, security doors and windows must pass stringent testing to ensure structural integrity and strength against a simulated forced entry attempt.

Product Spotlight #1: ScreenGuard security doors

One of the best choices for a discrete yet strong and effective security door is the ScreenGuard range. These Australian-made security doors are engineered from premium 316 marine-grade stainless-steel woven mesh and are the ideal choice for home security. ScreenGuard doors are fitted with a triple locking system to secure the door against a forced break-in and they come with a 10-year product warranty from the date of installation.

ScreenGuard security doors also have a specialized UV protective coating and are available as hinged or sliding doors.

Product Spotlight #2: PerfGuard security doors

PerfGuard security doors are a great option for customers looking for a subtle security door that won’t dominate their entranceway. PerfGuard security doors are constructed from 1.6mm thick, corrosion-resistant aluminum mesh and are covered by a seven-year warranty. PerfGuard doors can be powder coated in a range of paint colors to fit in with your home’s existing façade.

Product Spotlight #3: Entry enclosures

Secure entry enclosures can be a slightly more dominating design, but they are worth considering if you would like to create a defined and secure zone around your front door. Secure entry enclosures are also worth considering if your front porch area is often cluttered with bikes or other expensive outdoor sporting equipment. Modern entry enclosures can be custom designed to suit the style of your property and can provide a visually appealing and practical solution to home security.

Avoid this mistake!

Many customers mistakenly consider installing a fly screen door instead of a security door, thinking that it will be able to offer a comparable level of security. This isn’t the case! Fly mesh can be easily kicked or pushed in and, even with “normal” usage, it will need to be replaced regularly. A quality security door allows occupants to let natural light and fresh air in without compromising on safety. If you looking for Security Doors Cranbourne you are in the right place.

Click here for more information about Jim’s Security Doors. Or for expert advice on which security door will best suit your property and needs, please contact our experienced sales team on 13 15 46.

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