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Help Clare and her family by making a donation

Make a donation directly to Clare’s family with the details below. 

If you’d prefer to make a donation by bank transfer the account details are:
Glenn Waites | BSB 063301 | Account 1024 2344

Some may ponder why we didn’t just set up a ‘goFund me’ page like everyone else… Whilst it might have been easier we have a few good reasons.

Firstly, Clare isn’t like anyone else and we wanted the opportunity to tell her story her way!

Secondly, we want to see as much money as possible go to Clare and the fam. The fees for a goFund me transaction are 7.25% + 30c, PayPal charge 2-3%, and bank transfer is basically free!

Your generous donations will relieve the financial pressure on Clare’s family and will be used to cover outstanding medical costs, Clare’s memorial costs, ongoing  care and household support for Glenn and the children during this difficult time.