A memorial for Clare

Please join us to celebrate and remember Clare, with a memorial service to be held this coming Friday, November 16th at 2pm.
The service will be held at Wooling Hill Garden Estate, 372 Barringo Road, New Gisborne, with refreshments to follow at Wooling Hill until 5:30pm. An extended wake will be held at the Gisborne Cricket Club.
Details also available here
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Gone but not forgotten

Last night at 7:38pm our darling Clare passed away. Her beloved Glenn was with her, holding her hand and talking to her about all the wonderful things they had done together. She was not in pain and won’t ever be again.

Rest In Peace Clare. You will always be our hero.

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The Unicorn Foundation

This coming Saturday, November 10, is World NET Cancer day.

The Unicorn Foundation is doing an incredible job of helping to raise awareness of NETs and sharing the stories of people living with this disease.

Unfortunately Clare is not alone in her fight but her attitude and willingness to put herself out and share her story is shared with many others who are also battling NETs.

All in the hope to raise awareness and in turn a cure.

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