A ray of hope

Evening all. Firstly we want to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support, we are so grateful. We know last weeks news was a shock but a lot can happen in a week! I have secured a spot on a brilliant immunotherapy trial that has had some positive results for rare cancers. My specific cancer is so rare there are only 2-3 other sufferers globally, so it really is a trial. I still have a few more tests to complete and we are scheduled for an August 28th start with the first stage completed near Christmas. This development has given us a lot of hope and we feel very positive moving into this next stage. After consulting with the experts on how best to manage our current status, we will be maintaining a ‘business as usual’ approach to life and will reassess daily. A taskforce is being assembled to help us manage the assistance we will need for this next assault. Team leaders for food, transport, childcare, legacy and fundraising will be set up. It is not easy asking for help but this is unknown territory and an unknown timeframe. Thank you again for all your support. Clare & Glenn

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