A turn for the worse

Hi all, as many of you know we met with the specialists on Tuesday. We went in with positive thoughts and feelings, however we are sad to report from this point we are facing a vastly different prognosis. Whilst the treatment resolved the primary tumour, the cancer has now spread to my liver. A curative treatment is no longer available and I will hopefully begin an immunotherapy trial in the coming weeks to buy me some more time. The number 1 question is ‘how long do I have?’ We simply don’t know, as we don’t know what the cancer is going to do and how I will respond to the trial. We sincerely apologise that we cannot get to everyone personally to convey this message. We are in shock and just trying to process it ourselves. Understandably we are heartbroken but are focused on remaining positive and enjoying our days as a family. The children are being sheltered from the reality and continue to be our priority. Again we can’t not thank everyone enough for their love and support, and will keep you updated as we progress. Love, Clare

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