So long, Chemo!

Treatment has finished and I am exhausted. 17 days of chemo, 25 radiation, 4 Bracky therapy. I’m tired of being stoic and brave. I’m tired of strangers touching me. I’m tired of the pain and needles (I fucking hate needles). I’m tired of being a patient. I’m tired of sacrificing. I’m tired of not living my life, just getting through the hour/ day. I want to feel strong and healthy. I want my freedom to enjoy my days. I want to laugh. I want to be a present and giving mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend; they deserve that from me. I am forever indebted in the support and assistance we have received. My family and I could not have got through the past 6 months without each generous act of kindness. The people that matter most stepped forward without hesitation and said ‘I’m here for you and this is how I can help’. For that I will always be truly grateful. The specialists are still deciding when we will have the official post treatment scans and hopefully hear the sacred words of ‘cancer free’. We will keep you updated. I look forward to recovering and rebuilding, and catching up with everyone for some good times. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Clare x

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