Rest and recovery

We begin with important news: after an ‘unofficial’ MRI scan as part of bracky therapy, we have been advised the lymph nodes now appear cancer free and the main tumor has significantly reduced…. this shit is bloody working!! The fourth and final round of Bracky therapy was completed today. The first one was pretty tough but I managed the 4 general anaesthetics within 2 weeks well. I now have 3 1/2 weeks of no appointments or treatment, that will be spent resting and recovering to improve my overall health and blood work in readiness for the last 6 high dose chemo treatments that begin on May 30th for 3 consecutive days and then again 3 weeks later. The hair will fall out again, I will be a bit of a walking zombie with chemo brain and spend most of the 6 weeks in bed but then we are hopefully finished with this 6 months of intense treatment. The gather my crew app will be updated later in the month to assist with the last 6 weeks of treatment. Again, we can’t thank everyone enough for all their support and generosity. The food, care of children, transport, flowers, presents, texts, calls etc are very much appreciated and make a big difference to our day. Just a reminder with winter approaching, as my immune system is now non existent, it is of the upmost importance that myself and immediate family minimise our contact with infectious illnesses. Ways this can be done: flu vaccine, staying away or advising us when you are ill and good hand hygiene when you are in our home or around us. Much love, Clare & Glenn x

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